Massage treatments

The wonderful healing properties of touch on the body have been known since ancient times.zabiegi Massages based on Far East methods restore physical health and bring relaxation to body and spirit. Specialized massage techniques help achieve harmony of Yin and Yang energies and, using holistic practices drawn from the ancient teachings of Chinese and Thai medicines, will release the body from tension and stress. At Sylwetka all manual therapy is performed accordance with IFOMT standards. Our masseurs - Stanisław and Bartek Listwoń, find the cause of pain, discomfort, or dysfunction, and eliminate the undesirable effect. Depending on individual patient needs, they will advise and then compose the best way to combat the ailment. Procedures performed in our clinic will help offset pain, restore health and help maintain a slim and firm figure. Combined with the healing power of herbs and essential oils treatments will restore your ideal psycho-physical condition, leading to a state of complete relaxation.