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Rehabilitujemy pacjentów z różnych stron Polski, Profilaktycznie korzystają z naszych usług zagraniczni biznesmeni stacjonujący lub regularnie odwiedzający Warszawę. 

I have had several problems with my spine in the past and getting the service with others doctors were always the worst part but the whole experience with Dr Listwon was relatively painless !!!

Dr Fejzo Begaj, Tirana, Albania 15 November, 2011

Service was very professional, timely and through. Excellent comfortable experience . Thanks a lot Dr Listwon

Marta Kulikova, Kezmarok, Slovakia 13 July, 2011

Thank you Dr Listwon for your efficient service. No one likes going to chiropractic specialist with big pain but Dr Listwon make it such a pleasant experience. I really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and professionalism

Ilya Belkin, Voronezh, Russia 09 May, 2011

The service Dr Listwon offers is outstanding. Very comfortable experience, And NOT scary. I am excited with wonderful staff, wonderful doctor cannot recommend Stanislaw Listwon highly enough.

Prof Norman H Casey, University van Pretoria, South Africa 10 May, 2010

I switched therapist because of the lack of custom service. Dr Listwon office is very welcoming and tried to make everything easy. I also loved the fact that I felt they valued my time. They got me in and out in timely manner No sitting around waiting. Thanks a lot Dr Listwon

Peter Ireton, Limerick, Ireland 9 March, 2010

Dr Listwon is so wonderful, he made me feel so comfortable, I always get very nervous, but he took good care of me. I will be going to him for a long time as I will also recommend him to my family and friends, thanks.

Prof. Yoshiyuki Sasaki, Kyoto, Japan 12 September, 2009